Books that Shook Us is a project started by the Litsy Feminist Book Club. Our goal is to review and share books that create positive social awareness and action—and to have fun. Essays on this site might be serious or silly, but hopefully they get at the kind of truth only found in fiction (and poetry and non-fiction essays and plays.)

Sarah Flourance is a freelance writer and recovering lawyer living in Northern Virginia. She has a BA in French and Political Science from Rutgers University and received her JD a few years ago. Sarah is a blogger, activist, and Gryffindor who always has her nose buried in a creepy book. That noise you hear is probably one of her angry feminist rants. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Litsy (@bookishfeminist).

Currently residing in Northern Virginia, Stacie is a Los Angeles native who tries to spend as much time as possible living in books. A mother and wife, Stacie began blogging four years ago, reviewing books and spreading her love of reading. Stacie is a huge basketball and football fan, a Gryffindor, and a feminist who is never afraid to speak her mind. You can find her on Litsy (@thenextbook) and Twitter.

Rachel Mans McKenny is an educator, mother, and writer living in the Midwest. She received her MA in English Literature from Iowa State University and now gets to read for fun and self-education– and only write book reports because she wants to. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook, and of course on Litsy (@rachelm).

Rachel, Sarah, and Stacie