Celebrating Black Women

by Stacie C.

Celebrating Black Women this Black History Month

I am a Black woman. Throughout my life I have had the pleasure of loving and learning from many Black women including family members and friends, mentors and teachers. I have laughed and despaired within this sisterhood and I’m taking this opportunity to celebrate. I want to celebrate our differences and likenesses because regardless of what you may have been told, all Black women are not alike. We do not think the same or react the same. We do not walk the same, or laugh the same. Our interests are as varied as our hairstyles. Anything you’ve heard that makes us as Black women identical or interchangeable is not only untrue but insulting. And this year, I am celebrating the beauty that is us as Black women.

I’m not going to lie; this list is really ambitious! But I’m in love with the challenge of it and hoping to make my way through most if not all of them!

final BHM list

The Belles



I’m starting the month off with The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton. I loved her collaboration with Sona Charaipotra for Tiny Pretty Things and have been hearing nothing but good things about The Belles. I just got blessed with an ARC and I plan on diving in February 1st!


Aint I a womanI consider bell hooks to be an author whose writing is life changing. I read her Killing Rage: Ending Racism and had a new outlook on life. If there is anyone whose writing I want to celebrate and indulge in, it’s hers. Ain’t I A Woman: Black Woman and Feminism is a book I will definitely be enjoying this Black History Month.



Year of YEs

Shonda Rhimes. I should have read this book when it first came out but I am notorious when it comes to being late to her events. It took me seven seasons to finally watch “Grey’s Anatomy,” a year to finally for “Scandal,” (I was there on time for How to Get Away With Murder) and now it’s been over two years and I have not read Year of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person. That changes this year.


The Unforgetting Heart

Last year, my only theme was #keepingitshort, where I read a short story between every book that I read. I’m bringing that back this year and I found, The Unforgetting Heart: An Anthology of Short Stories by African American Women (1859-1993)  Edited by Asha Kanwar. I’ve already begun reading this anthology and all of the stories I’ve read so far, have been amazing.



Reading can be a form of celebration for me. When a book comes out by an author whose work I enjoy reading, I celebrate their talent by indulging myself in their work. When I’m introduced to a new author that I end up falling in love with, I may celebrate by reading all of their work or by purchasing their books and placing them with the myriad of other books that I love on my bookshelf. I can see the many ways I celebrate different authors by reading their words. Which is why this Black History month, I plan on reading and in turn celebrating the work of Black women.


Stacie C. is a blogger and editor of Books that Shook Us. She can be found on Litsy @TheNextBook and on Twitter

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